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NameD2.1.2 - SystemC Generation tools from MARTE and Stateflow

This document corresponds to the output deliverable of the task 2.1 “Model-driven design front-end” for the work package 2 within the COMPLEX project (see the Description of Work, DoW [1]). It depends of the deliverable D1.2.1 “Definition of application, stimuli and platform specification, and definition of tool interfaces” in terms of goals and requirements for the design front-end, as well as the requirements on the interfaces with other tasks of the COMPLEX design flow.

Task 2.1 aims to define a system-level specification methodology by means of two different modelling languages, UML/MARTE and Stateflow, identifying all those features of the system-level modelling language relevant for the characterization of the system functional and non-functional properties and the estimation of system performance.

In order to develop an executable model of the system, it is necessary to transform the high-level models into an executable, SystemC specification, which enables fast functional validation, and performance estimations. This way, such SystemC specification will make feasible in the COMPLEX design flow, the optimization of the system architecture after a design space exploration (DSE) phase with a reasonable bound in time. This document addresses this transformation and provides a first insight on the implementation of the tools required for carrying out the task.

This is a public document that describes the system-level specification and the transformation from the system-level model to the SystemC and IP-XACT models. This document is not intended for evolving along the COMPLEX project, but must serve as a basis for the development of the transformation tools in Task 2.2.

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