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NameD3.5.2 - Intermediate report on run-time management

This deliverable is the second report of Task 3.5, dealing with Run-time Resource Management (RRM). This task is coordinated by IMEC and also involves POLIMI and OFFIS. It started at month M7 and it will end at month M34.

The goals of Task 3.5 are to develop a lightweight architecture for RRM in tightly constrained systems and sample run-time resource managers for both COMPLEX use cases 1 and 2. In addition to the RRM architecture, Task 3.5 will also develop services and optimization heuristics to be supported by the RRM for alleviating the burden of the application programmer.

The goals of the first deliverable D3.5.1 were to provide a preliminary vision of a generic and structured architecture for the RRM and to introduce both sample RRMs for COMPLEX use cases 1 and 2 respectively.

The goals of this second deliverable D3.5.2 are to provide an updated vision of this RRM architecture and to present the status of the RRM implementation for both COMPLEX use cases. Also for the sake of clarity, to give an overall picture of the RRM developed in COMPLEX, and to make this deliverable standalone, all RRM features resulting from work performed in Tasks T1.3, T3.1, T3.4, and T4.1 are unified in this deliverable. Links to these tasks are also explicitly mentioned in the corresponding sections  of this deliverable.

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