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OFFIS, the “Oldenburger Forschungs- und Entwicklungsinstitut für Informatik-Werkzeuge und Systeme”, is a non-profit partly state funded research institute associated with the University of Oldenburg in Germany. OFFIS has currently some 200 employees including more than 100 full time scientists. The focus of the current research is on optimization of power, yield, and reliability of embedded systems, system-level design methodology, automation and industry driven low power design training.

In COMPLEX, two research groups of OFFIS “Energy Efficiency in ICT” and “Hardware/Software Design Methodology”, both embedded in the technology cluster “HW/SW Design Methodology”, will contribute to WP2, i.e. power models for TLM communication IPs, source code annotation for efficient performance and power modelling, and virtual system generation with TLM2 interface synthesis. In WP3 OFFIS will contribute to custom hardware optimizations, regarding energy efficiency and dynamic power management techniques. Resulting prototype tools will be evaluated on industrial test cases as part of WP4. OFFIS furthermore will contribute to the training, standardisation and dissemination activities in WP5. As the project co-ordinator OFFIS is also responsible for all management activities carried out in WP6.

OFFIS has a successful track record of participating in and managing many European projects, several of which focussed on low power and system level design methodology, namely ANDRES: ANalysis and Design of run-time REconfigurable, heterogeneous Systems, 2006-2009. CLEAN: Controlling LEAkage power in NanoCMOS SoCs, 2005-2008; MAP2: Micro-Architectural Power Management: Methods, Algorithms and Prototypic tools, 2006-2008; ICODES: Interface and Communication based Design of Embedded Systems, 2004-2007; LEMOS: Low-Power-Entwurfsmethoden für mobile Systeme, 2003-2006. POET: Power Opti­mization of Embedded systems, 2001-2005; InTraLed: Industry-driven Training for Low-power European Designers, 2002-2005; MARLOW: A central Market place for dissemination of Low-power micro-electronics design knowledge, 2002-2005; ODETTE: Object-oriented co-Design and functional Test Techniques, 2000-2003; PEOPLE: Power Estimation for Fast Exploration of Embedded Systems, 1998-2001; SQUASH: Static Quality Assurance for Software and Hardware, 1998-2000; EURIPIDES: European Intellectual Property In Design Electronic Systems 1997-2002; POSEIDON: Power Optimization and Simulation. Efficient strategies in deep sub-micron CMOS, 1997-1998; REQUEST: Reuse and Quality Estimation, 1995-1998; JESSI AC8: Joint European Submicron Silicon Program, 1995-1996.


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Successful final review meeting
On Thursday, May 25th, the final COMPLEX review meeting has been held in Brussels.


Final public deliverables uploaded

All public COMPLEX deliverables are now available in the Deliverables section.


COMPLEX @ ISCUG'2013 conference
14-15 April, 2013 - Noida, India


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