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STMicroelectronics is one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies with net revenues of US$10.0 billion in 2007. The Company’s sales are well balanced between the semiconductor industry’s five major high-growth sectors (percentage of ST’s sales in 2007): Communications (37%), Consumer (17%), Computer (16%), Automotive (15%) and Industrial (15%). According to the latest industry data, ST is the world’s fifth largest semiconductor company with market leadership in many fields. For example, ST is the leading producer of application-specific analog chips and power conversion devices. It is also the #1 supplier of semiconductors for the Industrial market and for set-top box applications, and occupies leading positions in fields as varied as discrete devices, camera modules for mobile phones and automotive integrated circuits. ST aims to be the leader in multimedia convergence applications and power solutions, offering one of the world’s broadest product portfolios, including application-specific products containing a large proprietary IP content and multi-segment products that range from discrete devices to high-performance microcontrollers, secure smart card chips and MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) devices. ST pioneered and continues to refine the use of platform-based design methodologies for complex ICs in demanding applications such as mobile multimedia, set-top boxes and computer peripherals. The balanced portfolio approach allows ST to address the needs of all microelectronics users, from global strategic customers for whom ST is the partner of choice for major System-on-Chip (SoC) projects to local enterprises that need fully-supported general-purpose devices and solutions. Since its creation, ST has exhibited an unwavering commitment to R&D and is one of the industry’s most innovative companies. In 2007, ST spent US$1.8 billion in R&D, which was some 18.0% of its 2007 revenues.  ST has developed a worldwide network of strategic alliances, including product development with key customers, technology development with customers and other semiconductor manufacturers, and equipment- and CAD-development alliances with major suppliers.ST is also active in numerous collaborative research projects worldwide as well as playing a key role in Europe’s advanced technology research programs (EUREKA clusters such as MEDEA+/CATRENE) and the Framework Programs of the European Union. It is also a leader in important forward-looking industry initiatives such as the JTIs (Joint Technology Initiatives) - as ENIAC and ARTEMIS - and the ETPs (European Technology Platforms) at the European level or the “Poles de Compétitivité” (e.g. Minalogic near Grenoble and SCS in the Provence area) at the regional level.

Many of ST’s research and development programs are managed by its AST (Advanced System Technology) organization, whose mission is to develop the strategic system knowledge that will be required within 3-5 years by ST’s product divisions. In COMPLEX, ST will contribute with the group “Ultra Low Power Platform” within ST’s AST organization, located in Italy and China, and will provide its experience in embedded systems design.

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Successful final review meeting
On Thursday, May 25th, the final COMPLEX review meeting has been held in Brussels.


Final public deliverables uploaded

All public COMPLEX deliverables are now available in the Deliverables section.


COMPLEX @ ISCUG'2013 conference
14-15 April, 2013 - Noida, India


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