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SystemC 2.3.0 released

SystemC 2.3.0 released
fully compliant with IEEE 1666™-2011.

SystemC 2.3.0 releasedSystemC

Today, the Accellera Systems Initiative (ASI) has released the updated version 2.3.0 of its open-source SystemC library. SystemC 2.3.0 is the first SystemC implementation that is fully compliant with the updated IEEE Std. 1666-2011, which has been released by the end of last year.  The SystemC 2.3.0 release has been much anticipated by the SystemC community, both in academia and industry. The COMPLEX project welcomes the release and congratulates to the ASI SystemC Language Working Group for the successful preparation of the updated implementation.

Following the updated IEEE standard 1666-2011, the new library provides a number of important new features:

  • Accellera's TLM-2.0 is now officially part of the IEEE standard and is bundled with the core SystemC library in a single release, Users only need a single download to build interoperable virtual prototypes based on SystemC/TLM.
  • New process control extensions are added, which enable and simplify the modelling of power domains and abstract schedulers
  • A new container for SystemC objects and first-class event lists simplify the description of generic and scalable models
  • An improved simulation API and a new thread safety mechanism allow much better interaction with external tools and support for multi-threading

In addition to the highlights outlined above, the library contains numerous bugfixes, support for up-to-date compilers and platforms and updated documentation.

SystemC 2.3.0 contains the proof-of-concept implementation of the sc_vector class, defined during the COMPLEX project and contributed by OFFIS to the IEEE and the Accellera Systems Initiative.  During the preparation of the new SystemC release, OFFIS has contributed the implementation of several additional features of IEEE 1666-2011 and fixes for known bugs in SystemC 2.2.0.

You can download the new library release from the Accellera Systems Initiative website.

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