The COMPLEX Consortium

To achieve the goals of the project, a consortium with a well-recognized background and specific competence and know-how in platform-based design for embedded systems, including timing and power estimation, efficient system simulation, exploration and optimization, EDA and related fields has been put together. The consortium has been constructed by taking into account that cooperation is crucial and that all partners must have a strong interest and motivation in carrying out the activities of the project, as well as a clear role that leads to sound and exploitable results.

In practice, the COMPLEX consortium consists of a total of 14 distinct partners:

  • One wide-body industry doing business in the semiconductor sector (ST-I, ST-PRC),
  • two system integrators (Thales and GMV),
  • four EDA vendors (of which all are SMEs) with specific interests in system-level simulation, analysis, timing and power analysis (SNPS, CV, EDALab, MDS),
  • five are leading-edge research institutes and universities with extraordinary scientific and technological records in the embedded systems design methodology field (OFFIS, PoliMi, UC, PoliTo, IMEC),
  • and one European non-profit association to organise and support the project dissemination activities (ECSI).
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1 OFFIS e.V. (OFFIS, Germany)
2 STMicroelectronics srl. (ST-I, Italy)
3 STMicroelectronics Beijing R&D Inc. (ST-PRC, China)
4 Thales Communications SA (Thales, France)
5 GMV Aerospace and Defence SA (GMV, Spain)
6 Synopsys Belgium NV (SNPS, Belgium)
7 ChipVision Design Systems AG (CV, Germany)
8 EDALab srl (EDALab, Italy)
9 Magillem Design Services SAS (MDS, France)
10 Politecnico di Milano (PoliMi, Italy)
11 Universidad de Cantabria (UC, Spain)
12 Politecnico di Torino (PoliTo, Italy)
13 Interuniversitair Micro-Electronica Centrum vzw (IMEC, Blegium)
14 The European Electronic Chips & Systems design Initiative (ECSI, France)


Successful final review meeting
On Thursday, May 25th, the final COMPLEX review meeting has been held in Brussels.


Final public deliverables uploaded

All public COMPLEX deliverables are now available in the Deliverables section.


COMPLEX @ ISCUG'2013 conference
14-15 April, 2013 - Noida, India


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